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The Mirror

by Sherrie Ellen on 08/10/15

When we see things in others or hear words that come out of their mouths that irk us the most there is usually a lesson there for us to learn. Many of the times we find ourselves in this place of judgement we must turn around and look deep within ourselves for the clue.  Often what flaws we see in others are also found within our own personality. These situations are learning opportunities so that we can make our own soul corrections.

Each person that we encounter has a place in our live within the confines of our own process. We are all sparks of the divine light of our creature. We are all here to help and support one another through each other’s journeys. This does not mean that we are to depend on someone else to do our work for us. This also does not mean that we are supposed to do someone else’s divine work for them either.

Many times we are waiting for others to change when in fact the only changes that we can count on are the changes that we are willing to make within our own very beings. Others are just around us to test and push us toward our own divine growth. We should be grateful for the people that test us the most. Even though many of these situations can be very painful it gives us an opportunity to find our divine strength within our own personalities and divine souls.

When you meet someone that you do not like or approve of their deep embedded behavior patterns you must delve deep within yourself to see if you hold those particular characters within yourselves. Maybe these earthly souls were divinely place in front of you to remind you of how well and far your own revolution of your soul has come, or you were place in front of them to act as an example of what they need to work on. Most of the time we can figure out how to remove and block these people from being a constant in our environment with the help of modern day aids such as blocking their emails, texts or phone calls.

But our job on this earth plain is not to waste our precious time standing before others mocking or judging their decisions that mark the roles that they choose to play during their present incarnation. If they are not someone you deeply love and there is no benefit what so ever of having them in your life then I suggest you just walk away. Let twirling dervishes twirl and get on with your own journey.

Through Sherrie Ellen’s own meditations practices she has learned to handle situations in a different way then she would have chosen to when she was a younger girl. As an impressionable child and young woman her behaviors were simulated. Sometimes we learn our patterns of reaction by our environment and in Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen’s case it was a siblings in-laws who did not always choose calm, rational or kind ways. The only funny thing is not the one that married into this family. But here some of her greatest life lessons. Her sibling’s mother-in-law taught what a lady was not. Her greatest challenge was not to be like her or the woman that followed in her footsteps. We all have to live with our choices. So Sherrie Ellen tried to do what gave her peace. But the cruelness that this woman showed helped evolve the Master to come out as a known fortune teller who has become one of the most amazing medical intuitive of her time.

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen of Oakland County is a spiritual adviser a business coach that had helped many willing participants make positive changes in their lives so they can move toward their own individual greatness that may just be around the corner if they are just open to the ideas of making changes within their own behavior patterns. The bottom line is that we have to remember that there is a higher source. We do not need to take over god’s job. There is karma. The universe and how it works is divinely set up. We just need to stay focused on our own divine journey, try to do the right thing, and be kind even to those that show us no kindness.  This does not mean that we have to spend or share our precious time with people that are not kind to us. We can choose to walk away.

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