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Mystical Blog

The Mirror

by Sherrie Ellen on 08/10/15

When we see things in others or hear words that come out of their mouths that irk us the most there is usually a lesson there for us to learn. Many of the times we find ourselves in this place of judgement we must turn around and look deep within ourselves for the clue.  Often what flaws we see in others are also found within our own personality. These situations are learning opportunities so that we can make our own soul corrections.

Each person that we encounter has a place in our live within the confines of our own process. We are all sparks of the divine light of our creature. We are all here to help and support one another through each other’s journeys. This does not mean that we are to depend on someone else to do our work for us. This also does not mean that we are supposed to do someone else’s divine work for them either.

Many times we are waiting for others to change when in fact the only changes that we can count on are the changes that we are willing to make within our own very beings. Others are just around us to test and push us toward our own divine growth. We should be grateful for the people that test us the most. Even though many of these situations can be very painful it gives us an opportunity to find our divine strength within our own personalities and divine souls.

When you meet someone that you do not like or approve of their deep embedded behavior patterns you must delve deep within yourself to see if you hold those particular characters within yourselves. Maybe these earthly souls were divinely place in front of you to remind you of how well and far your own revolution of your soul has come, or you were place in front of them to act as an example of what they need to work on. Most of the time we can figure out how to remove and block these people from being a constant in our environment with the help of modern day aids such as blocking their emails, texts or phone calls.

But our job on this earth plain is not to waste our precious time standing before others mocking or judging their decisions that mark the roles that they choose to play during their present incarnation. If they are not someone you deeply love and there is no benefit what so ever of having them in your life then I suggest you just walk away. Let twirling dervishes twirl and get on with your own journey.

Through Sherrie Ellen’s own meditations practices she has learned to handle situations in a different way then she would have chosen to when she was a younger girl. As an impressionable child and young woman her behaviors were simulated. Sometimes we learn our patterns of reaction by our environment and in Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen’s case it was a siblings in-laws who did not always choose calm, rational or kind ways. The only funny thing is not the one that married into this family. But here some of her greatest life lessons. Her sibling’s mother-in-law taught what a lady was not. Her greatest challenge was not to be like her or the woman that followed in her footsteps. We all have to live with our choices. So Sherrie Ellen tried to do what gave her peace. But the cruelness that this woman showed helped evolve the Master to come out as a known fortune teller who has become one of the most amazing medical intuitive of her time.

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen of Oakland County is a spiritual adviser a business coach that had helped many willing participants make positive changes in their lives so they can move toward their own individual greatness that may just be around the corner if they are just open to the ideas of making changes within their own behavior patterns. The bottom line is that we have to remember that there is a higher source. We do not need to take over god’s job. There is karma. The universe and how it works is divinely set up. We just need to stay focused on our own divine journey, try to do the right thing, and be kind even to those that show us no kindness.  This does not mean that we have to spend or share our precious time with people that are not kind to us. We can choose to walk away.

The Complex Musings Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen

by Sherrie Ellen on 08/06/15

Do we think of the consequences before we opt to run in and try to save everyone from themselves? What gives us the right to make decisions for other people, or interfere in their life lessons? We all have lessons to complete on gods school ground that we call earth. There are reasons why earthly souls are choosing to take on certain life experiences that looks totally peculiar, undesirable, and totally ridiculous to some other human beings. Perhaps this is the only way that they can learn their own lessons that they chose to learn before they manifested in into the physical world. Or maybe it is a way toward fulfilling their life purpose of helping another human being fulfill their own life mission or chosen lessons. We are all intertwined and our souls are all woven together in one soulful tapestry of, and for the greater whole. Our soul groups that we reincarnate repetitiously play out certain roles for each other to help us individually and as a collective group of soul consciousness to work through glitches that have accrued in past lives as well as our current lives so that we can put these issues behind us once we ha e learned our lessons and have made emends with those that we have caused harm by various circumstances that we created and, or participated in.

There is a very controlling, demanding and selfish woman who found me through an Oakland County psychic, or Michigan psychic Google search. She is psychic and lives close to Macomb, Michigan. This egocentric woman who is not a professional Michigan psychic insults me and gives me her wish list of what she wants me to do to set her up in business. She has multiple sclerosis, and suggested that a minor injury that I personally acquired was because I did her some kind of injustice.  If this woman looks at karma in this way she needs to ask herself what she did to acquire her desire and what she can do to heal her very own body and soul. This woman we will call Mandy for privacy reasons. Mandy is very obsessed and focused on me and what I can give her that she does not want to work hard for on her own. She was referring to the fact that I have not hired her in as one of The Traveling Psychics. I only hire the best, and she continues to approach me with her to do list, and her ideas of how she wants me to run my own company. All she talks about is how she is going to work with me, how insecure I am, and how everyone does not understand her, does not do enough for her, spend enough time with her and does not live their lives according to her standards which I think are mediocre. She drops my name as if we are best friends. She said that she will tell people that we are business associates. I have actually never met this woman in person. She wants me to give her a freebie business partnership, and asks me constantly to send her my clients so she can read for them. She also constantly tells me that I need to buy her book, read her book. Sell her books for her, and have her accompany me to events by letting her take turns with my very talented readers who have been successfully working for me for many years.

I have tried to help her. Mandy agrees that I am an excellent medical intuitive. But I have decided to back off from helping heal her because I believe that she needs to learn her lessons by the experiences that are taking place in her life. I also believe as annoying as I find Mandy that she was put in my life for specific reason such as lessons that I need to learn on my earthly journey. There are not accidents. And this earth that God calls his garden in are school ground. And this Mandy woman seems to challenge, test and insult me every time we speak on the phone. I do not speak to her much because to tell you the truth my never cannot take a constant doze of this madness. She does not get why people run from her and choose not to be around her. She does not listen to my advice and why her daughter-in-law will not leave her granddaughter alone with her. When the student stops listening the teacher must stop teaching. My time is precious.

Not too long ago I had another psychic medium I met ask me to put on elaborate shows for her with huge audiences. She wanted me to pay for the venue, spend my time, money advertising her with all the bells and whistles. I have never even seen this Oakland County psychic medium get up and read for a group of two people. I have never had a reading from her. It’s somehow karmic that I have these psychics and mediums coming out of the woodwork expecting me to set them up in business and make them famous. I worked hard and continue to work hard for all that I have, and will work hard for all that will come. I do not understand how people expect that they can ride on my wings, or that they are going to get a free ride from me.

I built The Traveling Psychics with the direction from God and my spirit guides. I worked hard, long grueling hours to make this entertainment company come alive to bring my public audiences only the best psychic, Saint Claire psychic medium, Royal Oak tarot card reader, gifted Detroit fortune tellers, studied Washtenaw county astrologer, Grosse Pointe palm reader numerologist and more. I work extremely hard all the time to keep balanced and clear so that I can channel accurate messages from the spirit world to those who are willing to be open to making honest changes in their lives. Before Master Sherrie Ellen moved to Commerce Township she lived in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We all have our dues to pay. Not everyone is meant to win the lotto, or find instant fame and fortune. When you get something for nothing the rewards are fleeting because you did not earn them.    

Debut of Talented Michigan Psychic Medium

by Sherrie Ellen on 07/17/15

Master Sherrie Ellen and The Traveling Psychics is honored to introduce our new gem. This addition to our entertainment company and Sherrie Ellen’s Psychic Reading Room is one of the most talented Michigan psychics that Sherrie Ellen has come across in many years. Her accuracy is dumbfounding and extremely impressive. Their modesty and humbleness is charming. Their kindness and compassion will put the subject at ease. We are offering this outstanding Michigan psychic medium to the public for individual Oakland County psychic readings and to entertain as Sherrie Ellen’s sidekick at parties, school functions and corporate celebrations.

We are taking reservations now for Halloween parties, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve holiday parties. Once our clients get a taste what is being offered with our new addition to The Traveling Psychics we are certain that the prices will go up and this individual will be booked solid way in advance. Right now we are able to offer our new readers services at a much lower rate as they are new to our audiences. We know that our addition will go far and become well known in time and we are going to take her all the way and watch them fly.

The most famous psychics that ever lives and who are not with us at this time was Edgar Casey, and Michel de Nostradamus.  As most of you know not everyone can afford to get readings from the expensive high end famous mediums such as John Edwards, Theresa Caputo, John Holland, and James Van Praagh. Many of these readers are from New York and New Jersey. But now you have a chance to get a high quality local consultation with a truly gifted medium at a humbly affordable price. And if you live too far to make a drive you can fly them out to you or get a phone consultation.


Time Waits For No Man Or Woman

by Sherrie Ellen on 06/13/15

As the earth is pulled in continuous circles by the gravity force of the moon mother earth does not wait for anyone. It does not care if and when you decide whether to move west or north. She continues her journey twirling no matter what choices we make. The earth is continuously spinning 1040 miles per hour. What I am trying to get at is that we all have free will. Psychic medium Sherrie Ellen will tell her clients when they come to her Michigan Psychic Reading Room located in a gorgeous lakes area community of Oakland County that we only are given so much time per earthly reincarnation. God will not force you to move forward on hour journey or make the needed changes that must take place in your individual life for you to complete the learning curve of karmic lessons that brought you hear in the first place. You can take as much time as you need. You can come back her to this tenuous environment and retake this class and repeat these tough lessons that you are supposed to be engaging in right now.

The ball is always in your court. You can experience pure unconditional love. But for you to be able to receive such a rare gift on this plain of existence your challenge is for you to be able to give it. You receive three fold back what you put out into the hemisphere of spirit. Everything is already a manifestation of the physical. Even your thoughts have physical attributes even though they you may not always be able to measure these particular creations of energy with the naked physical eye. So this is why I tell most of my clients to only think positive thoughts. Not all energy is returned within a particular measured time that we can comprehend with our human brain. The only limits that we truly have as humans is our physical bodies. But we can get total control over our personal physical shell once we understand our illogical ability to control all of our total surroundings by just the learning to get a handle by finding the thought patterns that work in our brains which are really spiritual computers that are here to help us create what we need on our individual and collective paths of transitions.

During our twists and turns of choices that we in sometimes mislead directions toward are what some of us are hoping for as a final destination we travel through what appears to a be as a nebulous existence of unbounded time and space into what we can fear will just lead us to absolutely no where after all the energy that we expect to just reach this chosen point. Sometime people tell me that they feel that they are just floating through life without absolutely no control over the destination. They say its life emerging in the middle of a deep ocean without a compass on navigation system. We are all born with intuition to navigate our way through the choices that are presented to us. Master Oakland County psychic Sherrie Ellen who is the founder of the most elite entertainment company in Michigan called The Traveling Psychics has helped many people walk through their own darkness back into the light of pure joy and bliss. The bottom line is that no one should be wasting their precious time suffering when they can choose a much happier road.  If other people can have more then so can you. The choice is yours.

Animals Have Twin Flames Too

by Sherrie Ellen on 05/31/15

Psychic medium Sherrie Ellen is totally certain the dogs and every other animal that walks this earth has a twin flame just in the same way that humans do. With every great powerful soul is another powerful polar opposite counterpart. This creates the balance within the wheels of creation. It’s just like Yin and Yang. It also helps us with our struggles toward reaching our goal, and soul purpose of perfecting Gods creations.

Animals feel love, joy, and loss. When they lose a member of their pack they grieve, and can go through great trauma and depression just like humans do when they lose some one that they love. Dogs get very attached to their family members. They fall in love, and many choose life time partners to couple with. Some of these animals have their twin flames waiting on the other side and some are coexisting with their twin flames on earth.

We live here on earth in the wonders of Gods garden. Here we are supposed to take care of, nurture and co-create on this plane. Many humans who are the most sophisticated of who walk this planet do not get it, and are squandering their precious time on this earth by destroying this beloved planet and pushing the time closer of making our home inhabitable.

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